1. when i was a little younger, a lil pre-teen, i would look at flowers as such short-lived pleasures. in your mid-20s, you realize happiness and beauty is all relatively momentary, so…

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  2. Stop everything.LOOK BUNNEE

    Stop everything.

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  3. is it so truly wrong to dislike a public figure just because you do rather than based on any experiences or facts.

    i mean, vibesssss travel skin-deep 

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  4. Asian/Asian Americans and Gambling

    I love casinos… love the smell of cigarette smoke, the round, not so perky boobs of cougars in ultra-tight costumes, the free buffets, the open bars and the free rooms. I have no doubt that the “free” in casino is what draws my families and many other Asian American families like mine to the casinos. But, we need to identify serious problems.

    See, WSJ, 1-2-13, “Macau’s 2013 Gambling Revenue Rose 19% to $45.2 Billion.”

    That means, they make as much money in Macau in a day as Vegas in a whole week. Not okay, people, not okay. And, most of our parents, who worked soooo hard all their lives and barely ate out spent hundreds if not tens of thousands of dollars at these casinos thinking that a little money lost is okay if it is not an addition. Well, there is something awfully wrote with a society that thinks that taking out your family for a nice meal is too expensive ($100) but gambling away $100 in an hour is okay, or ski trip (~1000) is too costly when gambling away a thousand a night is okay. 

    NOT OKAY. 

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  5. I’m making a sincere effort to come back. Just cause I fight for Black, Hispanic and Asian American communities on a daily basis through the job doesn’t justify not being a passionate fighter round the clock…injustice knows no time or space.

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  6. We are still looking for d cup , orange swimsuit wearing lifeguards…just kidding I was a total dork for the hasselhoff

    We are still looking for d cup , orange swimsuit wearing lifeguards…just kidding I was a total dork for the hasselhoff

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  7. Kim tae hee +rain love affair

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  8. photo







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  9. On vanity

    I ain’t the beautiful type, but


    I got DOWN

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  10. Wifi= start blogging again ?
    I’ve missed y’all. I’ll start when my time weekly subscription begins. Reading always inspires me to write more, to ask more, and most importantly to listen more
    – Vanity ain’t pretty

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  11. stay suspicious

    stay suspicious

    (via thequixoticalchemist)

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